Christmas Tree Skirt


I saw a flowered Christmas tree skirt on Pinterest and they were selling it for $150 and I thought I could make that myself! And I did! So here are some instructions… part is from another site, and the rest i did. First, I started with some felt fabric (I found wool fabric that would have looked nice as well, but it was more expensive).

Measure and Cut Fabric

Using a tape measure, mark and cut a square of fabric that is approximately 4-1/2′ x 4-1/2′ (Image 1). Fold the square into quarters, then over itself to form a triangle with the folded center at point. Cut base in a quarter circle (Image 2). Cut a small quarter circle out of the point (Image 3). Open the skirt until it’s folded in half and cut along the radius on one side of the center hole only (Image 4). This will provide a hole for the tree trunk and a slit in the fabric so the skirt can be placed under the tree. 

Next I made the flowers with 2 in. strips of muslin. For this skirt i needed about 4 yds. I folded the muslin strips in half lengthwise ans started rolling and twisting it and then sewed through the middle once I was done,  just to hold the flower.  

           I then sewed all 107 flowers onto the skirt and my friend Marcie was nice enough to sew the satin trim to the opening of the skirt.










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